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Would you like to own the same set of forms I use to manage my freelance graphic, advertising and web design practice? Now you can!

forms2My Freelance Workshops Forms Collection provides 64 pages of basic protection and project management tools for the freelancer and small graphics firm. First and foremost, my proposal letters and agreements are friendly and familiar. They are all written in plain, straightforward language with minimal legalese. They are not “creative” and they do not contain “trick” clauses. When it comes to contracts, the last thing I want to hear is my clients — or a judge — say, “Wow…I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

All forms have been designer-tested and (in the case of the external forms) attorney-approved. On two occasions, my proposal letters and main agreement have even been court-tested, so I know they’re solid.

flowchartHold on a sec — couldn’t you compile a set of forms like this yourself? After all, these aren’t too terribly creative or original. Of course you can…if you scrounge around on the net long enough, ask the right questions, talk to professional designers, consult with your lawyer, get advice from your accountant, get sued a couple of times, figure out what works and what doesn’t through years of trial and error, have access to standard industry publications, and then spend weeks keystroking and formatting in a high-end production program — yes, you can eventually figure this out for yourself.

OR — you can have my complete set of business and project management forms on YOUR desktop in about 10 minutes. Once you have them, you can quickly and efficiently:

  • Price Projects
  • Do Proposals
  • Fax or Email Agreements
  • Check Production Schedules
  • Improve Workflow
  • Manage Multiple Projects
  • Fax or Email Status Reports
  • Coordinate Vendors
  • Assess Job Profitability
  • Adjust Schedules & Pricing in the event of client changes
  • Get Client Signatures at critical points throughout a project
  • Keep Track of Project Expenses
  • Bill Your Clients on Time!

Sound good? Here’s a list of the forms you get:

Forms for PRINT
Forms for WEB
001 Call Sheet 501 Call Sheet
Keep your prospecting neat and productive. Each sheet contains your script, specialties and contact information.
002 Prospect Mail-Out Tracking Sheet 002 Prospect Mail-Out Tracking Sheet
Use this form to keep track of your promo package mailings and follow-up notes.
003 Sample Intro Letter / Print & Web 503 Sample Intro Letter / Web
To mail with your promo package
004 Client Profile 004 Client Profile
Vital stats, brief history, expectations, type of projects.
005 Production Schedule, 2 pages 505 Production Schedule, 2 pages
Work backwards from your project due date to allocate blocks of time for specific tasks and schedule client approval meetings.
006 Project Flowchart 506 Project Flowchart
Great for client presentations, this is your project’s visual roadmap to deadlines and completion dates.
007 Pricing Worksheet / Print 507 Pricing Worksheet / Web
Internal worksheet for calculating your time/materials/costs and relating them to ultimate client costs.
008 Price Quote / Print 508 Price Quote / Web, 2 pages
External Price Quote form suitable for client presentation. Use this if you want to/must show hours. Otherwise, stick with the Proposal Letter.
009 Proposal Letter, Sample 1 009 Proposal Letter, Sample 1
Proposal Letters are the backbone of my price quote system.
010 Proposal Letter Terms, Sample 1 010 Proposal Letter Terms, Sample 1
This is the best way to handle the “Small Print.”
011 Proposal Letter, Sample 2 011 Proposal Letter, Sample 2
Proposal Letters are flexible and have a number of uses. Another variation.
012 Proposal Letter Terms, Sample 2 012 Proposal Letter Terms, Sample 2
This will give you a good foundation for constructing your own “as needed” clauses.
013 General Working Agreement, 2 pages 013 General Working Agreement, 2 pages
The General Working Agreement describes the designer/client relationship. Proposal Letters and Price Quotes define specific projects. It’s a marvelous system.
014 Work Order 014 Work Order
I use this specifically when time is of the essence. It’s a fast way to seal a deal and get an official go-ahead.
015 Time Sheet / Print 515 Time Sheet / Web
The dreaded time sheet! Keeping track of your time is the only way you can determine if your time estimates for projects are correct, or need adjustment.
016 Request for Bid — Printing N/A
Standard request. Just fill in the blanks, fax it, and let your printer take it from there.
017 Request for Bid — Photography 017 Request for Bid — Photography
Standard request form for pricing photo services.
018 Request for Bid — Web Services 018 Request for Bid — Web Services
This standard request form will help you figure out exactly which areas you need help with for web projects.
019 Project Status Report / Print 519 Project Status Report / Web
An external document designed to keep your client informed of progress and catch potential problems early.
020 Work in Progress / Print 520 Work in Progress / Web
Internal project monitoring.
021 Model Release, Photo/Video/Audio 021 Model Release, Photo/Video/Audio
A slick all-in-one form that covers all the bases.
022 Proof Checklist / Print, 2 pages 522 Proof Checklist / Web
The final sign-off forms prior to going to press, and prior to launching the web site.
023 Change Order 023 Change Order
When your client changes the scope of the project, make sure you get in writing.
024 Printing Instructions N/A
Your official instructions to the printer when your job goes to press.
025 Project Expenses — Actual 025 Project Expenses — Actual
How does this match up with your early project estimates? Did you remember to include everything?
026 Project Billing Worksheet / Print 526 Project Billing Worksheet / Web, 2 pages
This is where you pull everything together in order to prepare the final invoice.
027 Sample Invoice 027 Sample Invoice
I love to send the final invoice!
028 Accounts Payable Index 028 Accounts Payable Index
This is a running list of people to whom you owe money.
029 Accounts Receivable Index 029 Accounts Receivable Index
Much better! This is the running list of people who owe YOU money, and how much.
030 Statement 030 Statement
Send this as a reminder if your client doesn’t pay your invoice, or if your client still owes a balance on a previous invoice.

forms2Unbelievable, isn’t it? Naturally, you do not need to use every single form on every single job. And, need I say it? These forms will not replace the advice of a competent attorney, especially if you are dealing with large, complex projects.

YES! You Get The Source Files, Too
The entire Freelance Workshops Forms Collection is emailed to you in a beautifully-formatted, ready-to-print Adobe Acrobat PDF Document. No waiting! AND — I will also email you the fully editable, fully customizable source files in your choice of page layout program: Adobe PageMaker 6.5 or greater, PC or Mac; or Adobe InDesign 1.5 or greater, PC or Mac.

flowchartEach page is formatted to accept your logo and address. You need only add your information one time to a master page, and it will appear on all pages. If you feel the need to change fonts, I have used “styles” so that you may change them globally. Or you may edit a page at a time. Pretty sweet!

Get Organized, Stay Organized
Don’t risk losing control of your business, your projects or your clients. From the first call sheet to the final invoice, manage your workflow like a professional.

How Much?
All 64 pages for both Print and Web, including your choice of program source files (PageMaker or InDesign): reg $79, Now Only $39.00. Order now and have them on your computer in just minutes.

Click Here to Order Forms for PageMaker

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  1. Arthur FixNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you for creating this workshop.
    I’ve been reading through your workshop site several times now. I must say that I’ve never seen a more comprehensive instruction regarding the business end of design. After completing my degree in Graphic Design several years back, I purchased many books on this subject. None of them were as comprehensive as your web site. Most of the forms they provided were ambiguous at best.

    Some history…, Prior to getting my degree in design, I owned an auto restoration shop for 20+ years. I had a lot of experience dealing with great clients and only a couple not-so-great. With any service industry, (especially Graphic Design) it’s important to be in control of the outcome of your product. Freelance graphic design service presents an even bigger challenge. This is why after initially fresh out of school, I chose to work for a design firm rather than freelance. During that time, I did complete several small freelance jobs on the side. I’m now ready to head full-on into the freelance realm. I am ordering your forms today. I look forward to using them to begin this adventurous freelance career. I’m sure they will be as comprehensive as you’ve been here.

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