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In addition to being a full time freelance graphic designer, I provide fee-based Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting to freelance graphic designers.

Sometimes, it helps to have a different perspective — a fresh pair of eyes, so to speak. I can provide a wealth of practical experience on issues that face freelancers on a recurring basis, such as:

  • Finding workable solutions involving problematic vendors or difficult clients.
  • Landing more business and protecting your client relationships.
  • Saving time and preventing disasters such as fee disputes, endless revisions and missed deadlines.
  • Taking the fear out of cold-call marketing. Dealing with receptionists, breaking through firewalls and handling common objections.
  • Uncovering hidden project and account opportunities, working effectively with decision makers and negotiating higher fees.

Certainly, newer freelancers have the most to learn. But make no mistake, there are a whole lot of new tricks that old dogs can learn, too — tricks that can fortify an area of weakness, or bump a veteran designer to a higher level of production and profitability.

Mentoring and Coaching

The decision to hire and work with a mentor should be an easy one. Nearly every successful person you’ve read about credits a large part of their success to someone who, along the way, took them under their wing and showed them what it takes to be successful in their chosen profession. If you’re looking to save time and avoid costly mistakes, a good mentor is invaluable.

Making the leap from where you are now to a successful freelance career takes conviction. Enthusiasm, talent and book smarts are wonderful — and required — but you also need street smarts to go from reading about freelancing to landing clients, cashing checks and building your business.

If you’re ready to focus on your freelancing, I can help you. Personally and one-on-one. Since I am only one man, I limit the number of students I will work with at any one time to two. This ensures you get the time you have paid for. More importantly, there is more money to be made freelancing than there is talking about freelancing. So I make sure to balance teaching and working with my own clients.

Here are the details:

  1. You are personally taught by me. I answer my own emails and return my own phone calls. We will cover freelancing from beginning to end, including phone calls, getting clients, price negotiations, proposal letters, agreements, production schedules, follow-up, getting paid and a whole lot more. This program is about listening, learning, asking, doing and getting results.
  2. My complete forms package is provided with the cost of my program. This includes all the contracts, letters and agreements I use every day in my freelance practice. They offer clarity and protection in every type of freelance business transaction.
  3. There are no additional charges of any kind. There are no upsells to more expensive programs or seminars.
  4. This doesn’t take months. The goal is to get you up and running — with new business — inside of 30 days. After that, I offer consultation and support via phone and email on a reasonable as-needed basis for one year.
  5. The cost is only $1,595. I know! It’s unbelievably low if you have a shiny new client or two and a focused freelance business within the next 30 days. Contact me and we’ll pick a start date. I’m easy to reach:

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    1. Brandon CraigNo Gravatar says:

      I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this information. I am just about to get my freelance career going again and this site is very useful.

      Thanks again,

      Brandon Craig

    2. Dan TurnerNo Gravatar says:

      My pleasure, Brandon. Congratulations on “stepping out” again, and thanks for leaving a comment. If you run into any snags just drop me a line. In the meantime, good luck with your freelancing.


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