What’s on the Back of Your Business Card?

Hopefully…NOTHING. Just as some of our design clients want us to fill up every available square inch of white space (“I paid for that!”), several business card printers want us to fill up the back of our card. They say we’re wasting a valuable opportunity to “keep your customer’s attention.” Hey! If you need a […]

PRICING: Ducks, Eagles, Graphic Design and You

There are too many freelance graphic designers spending too much time attempting to win prospects who don’t understand the value of graphic design. Here’s a clear signal: “Why should I spend thousands of dollars with you when I can get the same thing from Joe Discount for $500?” The “same thing?” When your prospect says […]

Is Your Client Fiddling With Your Design?

Even after you and your client have agreed on a concept, signed off on a layout and are coming down the home stretch, every once in a while you will hear: “Can you change the background?” or “Should we overlap these photos?” or “Can you move the logo…?” Why all of a sudden is the […]

Creativity On Demand

You do not have to “wait to become inspired” to produce. The inspiration comes out of the work, not vice versa. In the world of commercial graphic design, the ability to perform ON CUE is one of the qualities that separate professionals from hobbyists. Professionals still have all of the same daily trials, tribulations and […]

Your Freelance Sales Engine

There are a number of “right” ways to start and maintain a successful freelance career. However, the sales aspects of this endeavor cannot be overstated: If you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business. For the freelancer, a subtle mind shift early in the game will keep you “in the chips” for as long […]

What’s Your Budget?

Question: “When you ask a client what their budget is, why wouldn’t the client be suspicious that the cost is gonna be pretty much what his own answer is?” Answer: Asking for a budget qualifies the client in more ways than one. It lets a designer know if s/he is working with an amateur client […]