PRICING: Ducks, Eagles, Graphic Design and You

eagle-duckThere are too many freelance graphic designers spending too much time attempting to win prospects who don’t understand the value of graphic design. Here’s a clear signal: “Why should I spend thousands of dollars with you when I can get the same thing from Joe Discount for $500?”

The “same thing?” When your prospect says that to you, you likely don’t need stronger sales skills or more patience. You just need to move on to the next prospect. You can’t change ducks into eagles. And that’s okay.

I rediscovered Kevin Fussichen’s Duck Laws this morning and remembered how they can help us understand Graphic Design Pricing and Prospecting:

Ducks are noble creatures. They shall not be penalized in the eyes of other creatures because they are not eagles.
Restatement: All things are honorable if they are what they are honestly, even if they are different from you.

The greatest duck that ever was cannot fly as high as even a modest eagle.
Restatement: If one would soar with eagles, do not swim with ducks.

See? If you are trying to sell a $7500 graphic design project to business owners who think $500 is an astronomical amount to spend for graphic design (my numbers are just an example), you are going to be miserable. And broke. You must seek out prospects who are already accustomed to spending $7500 for graphics. Then you are left with the easier task of selling them on YOU.


Images courtesy Carl Chapman & tifotter used under a Creative Commons license.

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