Your Freelance Sales Engine

trainThere are a number of “right” ways to start and maintain a successful freelance career. However, the sales aspects of this endeavor cannot be overstated: If you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business.

For the freelancer, a subtle mind shift early in the game will keep you “in the chips” for as long as you wish to play. Try this: You are not just a graphic designer, but rather, you are a sales organization specializing in graphic design. This attitude will keep you tuned into opportunities and allow you to take a pro-active stance in the development of your business.

Learn how to land new business “right now.” You will never regret developing the skill to replace 100% of your monthly overhead inside of 30 days by contacting people who have never heard of you. To me, this is freedom AND security.

There are a lot of things to know and figure out in a freelance career, especially if you intend to be at it for any length of time. But the most important, for you AND your clients, is simply this: Nothing happens until something gets sold.


Image courtesy Charles & Clint used under a Creative Commons license.

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