Say Goodnight, Sparky

flw-homepageThe static Freelance Workshops site — which has served us so well for so long — has finally been put to rest. In it’s place, I present this shiny new offspring: A fully integrated CMS site designed to deliver blog-o-licious goodness while preserving the original nine Freelance Workshops.

As of this moment I’m still working on adding/updating links, photo credits and smoothing out a couple of kinks. But we are otherwise launched and functional.

The soul of the site is not changing a bit. The emphasis is still on developing your freelance graphic design practice. The time-tested information in the workshops is ideal for students, staff artists and agency reps who want to master the fundamentals of freelancing — as well as veteran graphic designers who are ready to move to a higher level of achievement.

Only now, of course, we’ll have more ongoing real-time opinions, rants, observations, instruction and commentary from me. And from you too, if you’d like to jump in.


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