Creativity On Demand

treeYou do not have to “wait to become inspired” to produce. The inspiration comes out of the work, not vice versa.

In the world of commercial graphic design, the ability to perform ON CUE is one of the qualities that separate professionals from hobbyists. Professionals still have all of the same daily trials, tribulations and obstacles to deal with as everyone else, except they persevere and get the job done.

The following three tips will help you avoid creative block and meet those pesky deadlines:

1. Go with your strengths. When you’re under the gun, it’s best to save uncharted creative territory for when you have more time.

2. Be open to changing direction and even starting over. If you discover your original concept is too ambitious for the allotted time, change it rather than setting yourself up for massive compromise and undesirable shortcuts near the end. You may need to abandon more-complicated techniques and adopt simplified versions of them instead. In these instances, less IS more.

3. Don’t panic (especially if you find you do need to start over). In fact, take a break: Go for a walk, have some tea, stretch, breathe. You might take a few moments and look over your past work, just to remind yourself that you are capable of magnificent results. When you return to the task calm and clear-headed, you’ll be able to complete your project in far less time than if you allow yourself to enter panic mode.

As a professional, you’re able to produce good work and good solutions even on your worst days. It may not ultimately be your best work, but no one will be able to recognize that except you.


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