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thundermtnsunsetsnowWelcome! This website is packed with powerful business-building information for the freelance graphic designer. I have taken special care to distill complex principles into simple formulas that get results.

My Freelance Workshops are ideal for students, staff artists and reps who want to master the fundamentals of freelancing — as well as veteran graphic designers who are ready to jump to a higher level of achievement.

Dig in! Explore the Workshops, take advantage of the comments section, and keep yourself in the freelance loop with my blog. I enjoy hearing your suggestions and success stories.


Dan Turner
Freelance Graphic Designer

The Workshops
The online Freelance Workshops are still FREE. There are 12 fact-filled articles in nine workshops written specifically to help graphic designers build basic skills, land new business, improve client relationships and share designer-tested ideas. Are you a student or staff artist who is contemplating a freelance career? Are you a working freelancer looking to supercharge your design practice?

You’ve come to the right place. Let’s roll up our sleeves and take a look at what you’ll find here:

• Freelance Workshop 1. Freelance = Freedom
Why do you freelance? Or why would you want to?

• Freelance Workshop 2. Education
What type of education do you need? Trade school, design school, community college, fine arts program or…? All are viable, and you will find successful freelancers with all different combos of formal/non-formal education. Which is right for you?

• Freelance Workshop 3. Your Professional Portfolio
Do you need one? The short answer is “absolutely.” But not for the reasons you may think. Also, your online presence has never been more important. This workshop tells you how and why.

• Freelance Workshop 4. Desire
Without which you will not survive in the freelance world. Successful freelancers find a way to make it all work in spite of the market, in spite of setbacks and in spite of themselves. Don’t miss this workshop!

• Freelance Workshop 5. Partnering, Apprenticeships and Outsourcing
Starting out, you can’t know everything. Later on, you discover that you DON’T WANT to know everything. With intelligent partnering, you can do what you do best and get a piece of the action on everything else.

• Freelance Workshop 6. Getting Clients
Without which you will not survive in the freelance world. This four-part workshop show you how to maximize your marketing efforts, boost your sales, multiply your profits and save tons of time! Success has little to do with “getting lucky” and everything to do with landing the type of client you want when you want them. It’s always fun to hear about how your designer friend ran into an old girlfriend who’s brother-in-law owns a Ferrari dealership and three months later he has the account. We all have these stories, but you can’t depend on that! Too unpredictable. Long term freelance success depends on YOU knowing how to pick up a client RIGHT NOW.

• Freelance Workshop 7. Project Management
Step-by-step, here’s what you need to know in order to manage your freelance projects without pulling your hair out.

• Freelance Workshop 8. Confrontation and/or Resigning the Account Without Fear
If you master the techniques I teach you in Workshop 6, you will never again have to continue working with a client you don’t like.

• Freelance Workshop 9. Maintaining Your Independence
When you’re successful lots of people will be making you lots of offers. If you know who you are, what you’re doing and where you’re headed, these offers are easy to accept or reject. When you’re asked to “sell out,” at least know what your number is.


Photo of Thunder Mountain by Dan Turner. Some rights reserved under a Creative Commons license.

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  1. Suzanne SilkNo Gravatar says:

    07.08.09…auspicious numbers to me…
    Compelling + honest copy from an experienced + talented man.

    How glad I am to have met you via cyberspace.
    Your copy is refreshing and so right on the mark.
    I’m a FineDesigner+FineArtist living+working in Santa Fe, NM. I’m new to Imagekind.com, and I found your blog from cruising their huge+well thought out site.

    Am in the final phase of a 3rd website re-design. Time for including the latest tech. bells+whistles of e-commerce+ social networking.

    JUST wanted to connect and affirm what you’ve shared…right on.
    Thanks for “Putting your mark” out there and having fun doing it all is the true “Artist’s Way “. . .Namaste. . .Suzanne Silk

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